NASYCENI  — is a Polish blog about everyday life, simple pleasures, creating small rituals.  It's a place to talk about food, share recipes and inspiration. Each month different artists or creators are invited to create a piece, abstract or realistic, with technic freedom, based on a healthy ingredient given by Nasyceni.  
 CONCEPT — My topic was beetroot. Thanks to having a fantastic briefing that said "do what you feel". I decided to create a poster showing the benefits of beetroot for the heart, under the name of "unbeetable root".
During my trips to Japan, I always felt curious about the Kawaii culture and its aesthetics. What surprised me more is how commondly is used in many fields, from a tv spot to a food packaging on the supermarket shelf or the logo of a police station. 
The idea was to create my own character, under the name of "unbeetable root". An energetic, sweet and sympathetic character like the root itself. Complemented by a colour palette that enhances tastiness and appeal.
TOOLS — Illustrator + Photoshop

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