HAUPTQUARTIER — is a hairdressing studio based in Hamburg - Eimsbüttel. Ricard Cuadrat González, Maja Pérez, Andrea Koch and Pia Radbruch are the people behind the brand, a young team with true love and passion for their job. "We wanted to create a different concept in the neighbourhood, trustable but with a friendly atmosphere, offering an individual service for each person".  
 CONCEPT — Ricard Cuadrat — manager of what Hauptquartier — asked me to develop a visual identity for his unisex brand, with the aim to stand out among the "more classic concepts" of their competition.
The starting point was their unique and recognizable name. “Hauptquartier” is a direct translation of “Headquarter”. After all, their work is centred on our heads.
I decided to transport the individuality of the name to the logo. The “Q” hides an
arrow that creates a standout for the word “Haupt”. Along with the scissors, the logo symbolises a clock - as it is definitely time to get your hair cut.
The brand identity aims to communicate quality as well as clarity. We used black and white colours together with bold use of typography, giving the brand the trustable and modern look & feel customers seek when is time to choose or change hairdresser.
LAYOUT SYSTEM — is based on a simple idea, the logo and its word "Haupt (head)" stands always in the upper part of the layout, and the information is distributed across the four sides, referring in an abstract way to the word "Quartier (quarter)". This principle is extended across the corporate design.

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