TASTILLERY —  is a start-up based in Hamburg known for selling fine spirits products in a very inspirational way, but also for developing its own products as well, for example tasting sets, advent calendars or Cinecane Popcorn Rum, Vose aperitif, Yuzilla and others. Its mission is to inspire people to drink better.
They are passionate drinkers that want to show you that good spirits have more to offer than just a high alcohol content. Tastillery is all about stories, passion and a good portion of taste. 
THE PRODUCT — YUZILLA is the ultimate Yuzu Gin. Created with specially imported organic Yuzus from Japan, combined with the 9 sunniest citrus powerhouses we could find, including mandarins, grapefruits, limes and lemongrass, combined with classic gin botanicals like juniper and coriander to create a monster that no one is prepared for. A gin that smells and tastes as if you were flying straight into the eruption of a lemon volcano - it doesn't get fresher than that. 
THE STORY  WARNING: UNLEASH WITH CAUTION! Is that an earthquake, or has someone just uncorked yuzilla? with a flavor profile bold enough to leave even the bravest tonics shaking, the king of citrus is a gin monster to be reckoned with. Unleash the beast and experience the superior potency of yuzu lemons rounded out with nine of the finest citrus botanicals. Big enough to crush even the mightiest citrus cravings. 乾杯 Kanpai!
TOOLS — Illustrator + Photoshop
THE BOTTLE  Tastillery has developed a fabulously stylish bottle together with the craft glass manufacturer Wildly Crafted, covered with furrows and scratches from YUZILLA's dangerous claws. No one can walk past it without asking: "Woah, what's that you've got in the bar? But are you brave enough to free the beast from it? ​​​​​​​
THE DESIGN — Yuzilla, the king of citrus, is a refreshing gin monster, whose power lies in the yuzu lemon.
He has awoken from his slumber and comes from the depths of the sea to wreak havoc and fill your glasses with refreshing and scary complex Citrus aromas. No one will be able to escape it.
This eye-catching design seeks to explain the story of Yuzilla, a monster with a fixation on Yuzu lemon. The look and feel is a contemporary interpretation of Japanese artistic compositions and their sense of quality. Serious, but with a touch of humour.
THE PROCESS  During the creative process there were several important changes of direction. Tastillery's idea was to achieve an iconic and soulful design that would leave no one indifferent. Our big challenge was how to explain Yuzilla's story and show his fixation for yuzu lemon without showing  the monster itself.  
THE TEAM  ​​​​​​​I couldn't be more grateful to the guys at Tastilelry, Malte Groeneveld and Waldemar Wegelin for allowing me to work on such a cool project. The whole design process, from conceptualisation to production, has been a total team effort. We have challenged each other to bring to life this monstrous and refreshing bottle that is sure to stand out on the shelves. Thanks, guys!​​​​​​​

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