EL VERANO — is a personal project,
inspired in my childhood summers back in Spain.
CONCEPT — Last 2020, the summer was warm and sunny, something not usual in Hamburg. At that point, I started to feel nostalgic and to think about how much I enjoyed summers with my siblings, a time without school and obligations. Suddenly,  I discover myself writing a list of words in my notebook, that my brain connects with that great times.
Finally, I decided to put those words together and design a poster with a Spanish character, where the main ingredients are good humour and a happy colour palette. My main goal was to create a fresh piece, rather than worrying about aesthetics or perfectionism. That's why I decided to move away from the computer and use brushes, while setting myself a maximum time of 12 hours to finish it. 
TOOLS — Chinese ink + Watercolour + Brush + Photoshop

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