WINEHUNTERS — is a small German wine label, created by six friends and most important wine lovers, who wished to create excellent wines with original character. The label "Winehunters" stands for being in constant exploration, looking for the best wine growing regions and grape varieties, to find inspiration and discover new trends to apply to their wines.
CONCEPT - The brand plays with a sense of humour and a clear analogy with hunting but in this case a hunt for the perfect territories, wines and flavours. This concept is developed in 360º in all media and applications.
Definitely, a stylised target was the perfect symbol for the brand and key element for the corporate design. It is a flexible asset and Winehunter's quality stamp.
The packaging design offers our wines as the perfect pairing for certain dishes and plays with hunting territories. The red (Pinot Noir) is an ideal accompaniment to meat and is called "Der Jäger" ("The Hunter") while the white (Pinot Gris) combines perfectly with fish or seafood and is named "Der Fischer" ("The Fisherman"). Each of the grapes on the bottle labels is a cut-out that allows you to see through and assess the colour of the wine.
Brand Concept + Naming, Brand Identity and Packaging Design. 
This project was developed during my time at Peter Schmidt Group. To see the full case and credentials, click on the link below.

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