INCYLENCE —  is a German Sportsware startup, founded by Max Altenmüller, Alexander Siegmund and Pavel Smidingr. "We develop high-quality cycling and running socks that are unique in style and identity. For all those who start before dawn and beat the twilight. For all those who push themselves alone to stand out from the crowd. For all those who do it again and again and again".
CONCEPT — This sock edition is a collaboration with Philipp Pflieger, one of the fastest German marathon runners today with 2:12. 
The design itself is inspired by road markings and signage, a territory Philipp knows very well from his daily training routine. The horizontal lines of the left sock represent constant hard work and training put in by Philipp. The right sock, with its directional arrows, shows the progression and determination to always strive to go beyond his limits.

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